The Case of the Crying Signpost

For 12-year-old Nelly Melcham, it’s hugely embarrassing to be afraid of flying—especially when your mother is the most famous pilot of 1937. So, when Nelly’s parents make plans for her to fly to Puerto Rico, it’s impossible to say no.

Trouble begins for Nelly at a stop in a Miami airport where she gets the surprise of her life in the form of a six-inch tall detective from London named Tim Morcombe. Tim tells Nelly he is on his way to New Orleans on a desperate mission to solve the mystery of a woman abducted by ghosts. At Tim’s prodding, Nelly changes plans and, together, they travel to the jazz-infused, racially segregated city of New Orleans to search for the missing woman. Their only clues to her disappearance? When it rains, her ghost sings sadly from the signpost in front of her house. And a Voodoo priestess has predicted the woman will disappear forever in the next great storm.

Can a girl afraid of flying find the courage to face ghosts, treacherous villains and a sinister, voodoo witch? Nelly has no choice. A life needs saving and it’s up to her to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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Recent Reviews:

“Xavier’s history-infused mystery features an appealing pre-teen lead, a clever detective, and some of the best features of the genre: peril, family secrets, greed, conspiracies, and a satisfying bad-guys-unmasked conclusion. It is a compelling and enjoyable story that readers will be tempted to consume in one sitting.” —Children’s Literature

The Case of the Crying Signpost is exciting, instructive, and enjoyable—great for young mystery, history, and ghost-story fans.” —The Children’s Book Review

Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite, which calls the story “intriguing and engaging from start to finish.”