Dark Curses, Faerie Dreams

Young troll-girl, Duggan McDuggan, is desperate. Her habit of talking to trees makes her the most teased kid in her tiny village of Cowgrass. Giving up her tree friends would be the easiest way to fix her problem but there’s no way she’s going to do that.

To stop the teasing, Duggan comes up with a daring plan. With help from her two friends, she is going to journey to Eshmagick, the fabled realm of ancient Faeries. Embarking on this adventure will certainly stop the teasing—one way or another! No one in five hundred years has gone there and come back alive. Most end up burnt to a crisp or eaten whole—or they simply vanish.

To get to Eshmagick, Duggan and her friends will need a Faerie guide. Unfortunately, the old legends say harming a Faerie will bring down a terrible Curse—and it’s nearly impossible to catch a Faerie without hurting it. But Duggan is desperate and so she refuses to ask the gigantically important question: What if the old legends are true and the Faerie Curse is real?

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Reviews and Awards:

“The storytelling is engaging and kept this reader turning the pages. The pacing is good and the fantastic worlds the author took us to are quite imaginative. This is the reason we read fantasy novels, right? I loved Duggan’s narrative voice which is YA perfect, sympathetic, and relatable. In line with this, the author did a terrific job creating the world of the Woodsy Troll and its vernacular. I liked the Woodsy Troll back stories as much as the quest itself as they build upon the characters of Duggan and friends.” — Enrico Antiporda, fiction editor of the literary magazine, Conclave, a Journal of Character


  • Book Excellence Awards Finalist: Fantasy
  • Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal: Juvenile Fiction—Ages 9-12
  • Royal Dragonfly Awards Second Place: Young Adult Fantasy